Sunday, May 12, 2013

micah rene

Now that Peyton Manning has moved on with his life I suppose I can quit feeling sorry for him and move on with mine. Why not start with Miss Micah Rene. Born OVER A YEAR AGO (I know, what is wrong with me?)on May 6, 2012. Yes, she just turned a year old. 

When she was born, she came quickly. I didn't get an epidural. I know you all know how I feel about those things. I actually got stuck twice but there was NO medication. I felt everything. I should say, it kicked in with the last contraction just as she all but fell out. I chuckle at my crudeness but I say, lets call a spade a spade. When you have a lot of kids, eventually your body just says, "I'm not gonna fight you. You want a baby? Here she is." 

She didn't stay in the birth canal long enough to squeeze out the fluid so it just stayed in there. I started nursing her immediately and noticed she was blue and fluid was coming out of her nose. I asked for an aspirator, they decided I wasn't capable of doing it so they took her and didn't bring her back for almost 2 days. She was hooked up to a machine, several actually. There were so many tubes. Jake stayed with her which I was grateful for. I was not allowed to see her because I couldn't get out of bed. Yes, the epidural that kicked in during the last 5 seconds was in full force and I could not move my legs to walk to the NICU. It was painful to be without her. But we were patient and she decided to cooperate just in time to leave. 
She is addicting. She is so sweet. So demanding. So spoiled. So so spoiled. She is so loved. Especially by her big brother. He is completely smitten with her.

She is not fully walking yet but it is not uncommon for a baby to stall when there are so many arms to carry her. We are truly enjoying her. I am grateful that my older children welcome new babies with so much love. They could easily be jealous but they are not. They are happy to add to our family and actually Ruben just asked last week if I could have a baby this July. He would really like that. My sweet little man. I dig them. 

I hope to update more often. I think it would be something my kids will appreciate in the future....way in the future ... Maybe not ever.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

farewell peyton.


it's a sad day ...
(sniff. sniff.)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a what?

It's a girl!

I was quite surprised to learn that I have a little girl in my belly. After so many boys I didn't think it was possible. Evann is beside herself. Over the moon really. We haven't come up with a name yet. It's rather difficult for some reason. 

I have about 14 weeks left if you can believe that. I can't. CA-RAZY.

Carry on and I will post again when I have something else to talk about. 


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

more changes.

Fall has finally come to Texas. The days of triple digit heat has finally subsided. Thank the Lord! I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. We finally got some much needed rain. I love rain. I love thunderstorms and overcast skies. Sometimes I think we belong in the Pacific NW but the rest of my clan does not agree. Go figure. So in Texas I remain. Hot and sticky.

Life has thrown me for yet another many changes...My parents are threatening to move to Seymour this winter. I welcome the threat but it keeps getting pushed back. First it was December and now March. So who knows. But regardless, they want to buy our house. SOOO again I am moving. Back to The Hill we will go. Devin has helped us with the demolition of the building. I WISH I had before and after pics. It is amazing what he has done. Everything was basically gutted. Nothing remains but the apartment and a wall for our bedroom. Its just one large and spacious building. Pun intended but's just a massive space of emptiness. And we like it that way. There will be no walls but for the rooms and bathrooms, obviously. The kitchen takes up 1/4 of the space. It will be massive. Or at least it looks like it on paper. We are supposed to move in December. I wonder if it will be ready by then??

So I am also pregnant. Yeah, you read that right. #6 is on its way, due May 1st. I uhm, don't know how I feel. Other than sick all the time. It's a bit surreal. I thought I was done (as I did with every child previously). Apparently not.

Another change came when Jake got called to be our Branch President. He promptly released me as Primary President. This is very difficult for me. I have served in primary for almost 9 years. I have watched these kids grow up. I have laughed with them and cried over them, and had to repent for my thoughts about them. And now its over. Just when I think I am emotionally sound, they ask the new primary presidency to speak in sacrament meeting and I bawl through the whole thing... because I am out. And next years theme is INCREDIBLE. I love it and really wanted to be apart of it. But I am not and I have to deal with that. I wonder how long it will take?

I guess that is the end of my rant today. The end of my list of life changes. Aaron is desperate for something, attention or food. Who knows. Guess I need to find out being his mother and all.  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

our girlie.

As I was rereading what I posted just moments ago I was taken aback by a photo of Evann. It wasn't a significant photo, it didn't even show her face. But I don't need to see her face to get choked up about her. I saw my girl. My girlie. My, wanna get dirty, girlie. The girl that is quite possibly more independent and stubborn than I. The girl that won't take no for an answer. 

She is amazingly loving. She is the best sister these boys of mine will ever know. She is Aaron's second mom. He loves her and she loves him. She is lonely. She would love to have a little sister to take care of. But alas, she has brothers, 4 of them. Sheesh! They all play well together but she just doesn't get enough of that girlie girl time. She latches on so quickly to younger girls we know. Simply wanting to dress them, do their hair, their nails and lets not forget makeup! She can work wonders with her hot pink eye shadow. Good Lawd! Look out! 

She is tired of sharing. She constantly asks, "Can this be mine?" "Can I have the whole cheese pizza to myself?" Seriously Evann, you can barely eat 2 whole slices. "But I want it to be mine." Oh Evann, get through the 2 slices and we'll talk.
Jake bought me some beautiful pearl earrings and necklace for Valentine's Day. Evann was so excited for me she asked her dad if she could just sleep with them until Mom got home. He said when she saw them it almost made her cry because she thought they were so beautiful. She didn't ask if they could be hers though which was interesting in itself. Regardless, we decided that Daddy could buy her some jewelry for Valentine's Day too. She is showing off her loot. Quite proud I might add. A pair of earrings and a necklace.

For some time she has wanted to cut her hair. She wanted it short like the other kids at school. We both were pretty firm on no but one day she got me on a soft day and I helped her talk Dad into cutting her hair. He did not like the idea but agreed. She again, was so proud of her new hairdo. Look at her eyes sparkle! Who is that girl?

This is Evann. My true girlie. This is what she looks like most days. Not because I don't care to brush and style her hair but because this is just how it ends up by the end of the day. She plays hard. She will decide what happens with her hair. For instance, if you put her hair up and she doesn't want it up it will be down once she leaves my presence and enters the school hallway. She is defiant that way. When questioned she will just smirk and shrug her shoulders. Or really she will blame it on Kenadi. "Kenadi wanted to put my hair in a different pony tail..." Riiigghhht.

This is her "posing for Daddy" face. She is daddy's little girlie. When questioned by Jacob because she got something and he didn't she piped up: "Cuz I'm Daddy's girlie that's why!"(He did get something but he got his at a different time of day and well, kids don't remember those things.)

She is our girlie. Our sweet, loving, sneaky, independent, defiant girl. And I wouldn't have her any other way.